Collaborative Law

Many parties in the midst of contentious disputes seek to avoid the painful and lengthy litigation process, which can quickly rip families apart; however, not all individuals are willing to make the concessions necessary for success in mediation. In such situations, a third option is available—collaborative law. An increasingly common approach to divorce and separation, collaborative law makes it possible for spouses to stand up for their own interests without spiraling into the spectacle of litigation. Collaboration can end in an amicable case resolution, but only if a talented and compassionate attorney is involved in the process. Look to Michelle Katz for high-quality legal advocacy.

How Collaborative Law Works

An out-of-court process, collaborative law involves a team of professionals, the members of which may vary significantly depending on the specifics of the case. In most collaborative divorces, this team includes financial and child custody experts. These professionals help divorcing spouses come up with viable solutions that are in the best interest of themselves and their entire family. In addition to consulting with a team of experts, both parties involved in the collaborative effort are represented by their own attorneys, who can offer insight into the ramifications of any prospective agreements. In exchange for avoiding the subpoenas and other hassles involved in litigation, parties involved in collaboration must agree to be honest and share all information that pertains to the case.

Working with Collaborative Law Attorneys

Attorneys who focus on collaborative law understand the importance of proactively pursuing their clients’ objectives — but they are also committed to achieving resolutions that are amenable to all parties. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but Michelle Katz prides herself on her ability to abide by both of the ideals of collaborative law. She serves not only as a passionate advocate for her clients, but also as a guide through the intricacies of the collaborative process. Clients can rest assured, knowing that she will help them achieve a favorable, yet amicable resolution for their legal concerns.

If you are looking into the possibility of a collaborative solution to your current dispute, your are advised to reach out to the Law & Mediation Offices of Michelle Katz as soon as possible. This respected Los Angeles law firm offers guidance throughout the collaborative process. A compassionate, yet proactive lawyer with a thorough understanding of family law, Michelle Katz is the ideal legal advocate to have at your side.

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