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Collaborative Law

Many parties in the midst of contentious disputes seek to avoid the painful and lengthy litigation process, which can quickly rip families apart; however, not all individuals are willing to make the concessions necessary for success in mediation. In such situations, a third option is available—collaborative law. An increasingly common approach to divorce and separation, collaborative law makes it possible for spouses to stand up for their own interests without spiraling into the spectacle of litigation.
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Consulting Attorney to Parties in Mediation

Mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to litigation divorces, particularly for separating spouses who seek to keep their relationships as peaceful as possible. Not only does mediation offer an expedited, amicable solution, it is an excellent alternative for those who do not want the drama of the divorce process to have a negative impact on their children. Although mediation has the potential to be harmonious, it can spiral in the other direction if involved parties are not prepared or are unwilling to stick up for themselves while still remaining cooperative. With the help of a consulting attorney, spouses pursuing mediation can ensure that their objectives are met as they meet with their mediator.
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According to the American Institute of Stress, a divorce is the second most stressful life event topped only by the death of a spouse. This is true even if both parties agree that divorce is in their best interest. The stress is compounded when one person does not want the divorce or there are children involved. Life-changing decisions have to be made about dividing assets, child and spousal support as well as child custody and visitation.
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Pre-Marital, Post-Marital, and Cohabitation Agreements

Many spouses make the mistake of entering marriages or domestic partnerships without adequate protection. Although these couples, including same-sex couples, have the best of intentions, they are often blindsided by separations that leave them in dire financial straits. If your goal is to protect your assets in the event of a divorce or separation, you are encouraged to reach out to the Law & Mediation Offices of Michelle Katz.
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